Sunday, April 27, 2008

How it all began

So one day, I was convinced by the persuasive arguments of SugarButch to place the large folder of bookmarks named, appropriately, "Distractions", into Google Reader.

And it was good. There they all were (those who had RSS feeds, at least) at my fingertips, all in one place. And so I read them. Bibliophile that I am, I read lots.

Slowly, it dawned on me. My Reader has multiple personality disorder. My Reader let me go from Smart Bitches Read Trashy Books, to Unspeakable Axe. From blogs on comic books and feminism, to blogs on sex and feminism, to blogs about kinky sex and feminism. There was even a few political blogs.

Maybe this happens to everyone. Maybe my brain does not have the strength to handle this new technology. Perhaps I shall find what is left of my mind under my desk cleverly disguised as a puddle of goo.

Instead, I seem to have started my own blog.

Great. Now I can confuse your Reader too.

Welcome, my not-yet-here audience! I'm going to talk about what I read, and what I write, and about feminism, and geekery, library science and lust, politics and polyamory, kink and the endless battle to keep my kitchen clean.

All the confusion your Reader needs in one place.


I. Mazzikin said...

Mwahaha! So does this mean I ahve to update now per our pending proto-arrangement? :)

shadowedge said...

Yes. Yes, you do. :)

Curvaceous Dee said...

Your reading list is most amusing - and remarkably similar to mine (hooray for another fan of YAFGC). I look forward to the weirdness you have to speak :)

xx Dee